Aptify e-Business Suite 4.0
 Aptify Enterprise Web Architecture

Aptify E-Business Suite provides a comprehensive group of Aptify applications to handle business-processing needs via available Internet technology. Using Aptify’s Enterprise Web Architecture to create a flexible web infrastructure, Aptify E-Business Suite includes E-Commerce, Vendor Marketplace, Online Discussion Forum and more to provide value-added services and processing capability to your entire user base - members, vendors and staff.

Aptify Enterprise Web Architecture is a web framework that extends the existing architecture of Aptify, enabling use of the same business logic layer used by the client/server system. The Enterprise Web Architecture is designed to allow rapid web application development, deployment and maintenance of existing and new Aptify business applications. Enterprise Web Architecture provides a seamless integration of existing internal ERP solutions from Aptify, as well as across other vendor applications. This innovative architecture provides users with greater accessibility to the Aptify back office applications with transparent integration technology.
Aptify Enterprise Web Architecture Image